Yoga HIIT Fusion

Yoga HIIT Fusion

Yoga HIIT Fusion

Let’s do this together! 

Are You…

  • Struggling to find time for yourself
  • Get in shape
  • Lose weight
  • Maintain a meaningful yoga practice


  • Combing an effective way of managing weight and excess fat
  • Managing your stress
  • Balancing your hormones
  • Creating an overall sense of well being

I would like to introduce you to a better way to amp up your physical activity while getting the benefits of a yoga practice with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Yoga.

This could the plan that you are looking for!

My inspiration…

Yoga and fitness is a lifetime journey. Fortunately, I have found a practice that is very effective and I am inspired to share and help others with their fitness. When I started yoga 25 years ago it was to enhance athletic performance. As injuries, work and family responsibilities became over-whelming I was finding it difficult to manage my weight for my optimal performance and carve out the time for a meaningful yoga practice. As I started to get more into yoga I fell in love with the holistic feeling I got from a yoga class and my home practice. However, due to time and everyday responsibilities, I found my body shifting and I felt as if it were more difficult to manage my weight and fitness level. As an athlete fitness has always been very important part of my life. Over the last couple years I found myself getting distracted in a yoga class if I felt I was not getting the level of intensity I thought I needed to maintain my desired fitness level – and I was also a little cramped for time and wanted it all.

For me, I felt going to a yoga class was like going to church, the gym, a therapist, and talking to a good friend all wrapped in one. I also love working in a group dynamic and I want to be productive with my time.  Please now keep in mind that I am not the poster girl for fitness, but I am sincere in my efforts and want to work and encourage others.
I say… Let’s do the practice without worrying about the workout. You could get the same benefit as a 2-4 hour work out that potentially has lingering benefits up to 48-72 hours. By utilizing yoga HIIT for only 7-15 minute allows you the time to practice a more relaxing contemplative yoga and not feel guilty about a rest day.

Have you been using your yoga practice as a fitness practice? If you have you can easily lose the relaxation part of yoga your body needs through movement and breath – moving meditation. Many people do not take the time for a more restorative or yin practice because they are looking for a vinyasa practice to gain more fitness. By targeting a shorter amount of time with Yoga HIIT; it will free up time for a contemplative yoga practice. A majority of people are kicking their asses with vinyasa yoga and then not taking the time for other practice like the opening of connective tissue through yin yoga. During yoga practice we may not receive cardio optimization, high mindful impact movement that builds bone health, fast twitch muscles that hug you in and tone you. This is not about losing body fat as the signal of good health, it is about getting fit for yourself and your body shape.

Fit is the new sexy!

Be the most of you, you can be. Be more effective, excited, and fit. Our inspiration for you with  Yoga HIIT is to help your overall well being in body, mind, spirit, and your interpersonal relationships. 

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Submitted by Cathy Johnson RYT-500, Fitness enthusiast. 

Cathy Johnson