Meet our GVY Teachers:


Owner & Director

Whitney brings over 14 years of yoga practice and a comprehensive background in nursing and energy healing. This powerful combination and her years of nurturing people and children gives her an open-hearted, friendly approach. With her positive energy and obvious love for yoga, her classes are fun and uplifting. Whitney's passion is to inspire and empower her students through a heartfelt yoga practice by embodying the mind, body & spirit connection.
Her teaching style has a strong focus on opening to self-awareness and self-love, body energetics, and physical movement. Her vision as studio owner is to provide yoga to the local community by offering yoga classes that are easily accessible to everybody.
Walking into Grass Valley Yoga you will immediately feel the friendliness & positive energy of an intimate and comfortable space.
Whitney received her 200hr yoga certification from Sumits Yoga and completed her 300-Hour Teacher Training with Vira Bhava Yoga. Whitney is a state certified RN. 



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Laura teaches yoga in order to share with others the practice that continues to invigorate and renew her own body, life, and spirit. Her classes focus on awareness of body and breath, and she encourages students to be kind and patient with themselves as they explore each pose. Her teaching style is quiet and meditative, but also light-hearted and interactive. She loves teaching to utter beginners and those who somehow believe they could never do yoga. She is constantly curious about ways we may free our bodies of common ailments, and restore within ourselves our connection to nature, spirit, and each other.


Cathy JohnsonCathy Johnson has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She received her 200 RYT at Vira Bhava Yoga in Nevada City and also completed her 300 RVT with Vira Bhava Yoga as well. Cathy's signature vinyasa offering, Mythic Yoga Flow is where the elements of Tantra come to life in a creative dynamic asana flow the will awaken your body mind and spirit through breath, movement, and imagination.  This is a fluid form experience with alignment skillfully infused into the honor of practice, weaving poses on the thread of breath.  You are guided into an alchemical/transformative journey where the dance of mind and body are at play.  Be inspired by weaving/merging/uniting of the ancient texts and modern practices of yoga to ignite magic/enchantment in your own mythic/epic journey of life. She believes that the practice of yoga is accessible to everyone.

"Yoga is not to be performed; it is to be lived."

Cathy is the founder of Common Ground Yoga and she has a meetup page. Check out offerings here.


Janet Rankin, CYT & RYT, began practicing yoga over 35 years ago looking for stress reduction, but discovered so much more about herself and life in general in the process. Her favorite pose is savasana and it is the one that keeps her coming back to her mat again and again. Janet has been blessed to have been trained by an eclectic complement of wonderful teachers and traditions with special influence by Yin Yoga instructors Paul Grilley, Dina Amsterdam, and Rene Rainbolt, along with special training in Restorative Yoga from Judith Hansen Lassiter. Janet believes that laughter is good medicine and the only thing she takes seriously is your comfort and safety while in class. She infuses her classes with lightheartedness and her only goal is that students leave feeling good. As yoga will meet you on your mat where you are, Janet invites you to come to your mat open to possibilities and grace. Please contact Janet prior to 1st Cancer Survivors Class -  [email protected]



It has always been in my nature to help others.  Once I began my journey into motherhood, yoga opened up so many pathways of healing that I decided to share the gifts as my service to my community.

My intention is always to guide and support each person to discovering their own pathway to healing through science and spiritual influences.  I believe we have all come from love and when we return to love, we begin to heal.  When we heal ourselves, we begin to heal others around us…




Helen Breault, E-RYT has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2006. She has over 1000 hours of yoga teaching and workshop experience. Her first 200-hr. Teacher Training was through Yoga Tree in San Francisco in 2006. In 2007, she completed another 200-hr. Teacher Training in Tibetan Heart Yoga through the Yoga Studies Institute. She has also studied extensively with Shiva Rea and taken workshops from many prominent yoga teachers such as Dharma Mitra, Anna Forrest, Jivamukti (Shannon Gannon & David Life) to name a few. Her classes incorporate an all-inclusive approach to yoga incorporating the 8 Limbs of Yoga (including breath awareness, posture alignment, meditation, concentration, etc). She believes in providing a safe environment in which to explore ourselves joyfully and playfully in each class. Helen sees yoga as a life practice, a practice which just begins on the mat.


     Akhila Grass Valley Yoga

Akhila, Founder of Dragonfly Yoga & Wellness is a Certified Yoga Instructor with over 550 hours of formal teacher training. She has practiced various forms of Yoga for over 17 years and loves to mix those teachings throughout her classes.

Akhila discovered yoga rather late in life – while working full-time, raising two children and studying at California State University, Sacramento. After practicing Yoga for a couple of years she noticed a real change in her life due to her consistent Yoga practice. “I felt calmer in spirit. I experienced better mental focus and concentration on day to day tasks, and my body was stronger and healthier than ever before. I came to realize the practice of Yoga made these positive changes happen, and I wanted to share this experience with others. The benefits of Yoga can be experienced by everyone, regardless of age, body size, or level of flexibility! Yoga is the gift you give to your spirit." 

Akhila is thankful to her teachers over the years including Bhavani Girard of Sierra Center for Yoga Studies, Dr. Paula Barros of Align with the Divine Yoga, (advanced Anusara studies,) Paul Grilley -Yin Yoga, Sarah Powers -Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation, Judith Hanson Lasater – Restorative Yoga. She received additional, training with Veterans Yoga project and Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans coping with Trauma. Akhila also attended an educational retreat, "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli of MBSR which transformed and solidified her meditation practice.


Grass Valley Yoga teacher

Grace Kendrick, C.A.S., E-RYT is a holistic health practitioner specializing in yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness. She is the founder of Mindful Mama Yoga and Ayurveda and has been teaching yoga and meditation in the Bay Area for over fifteen years. Grace and her family recently moved to Alta Sierra, and she is delighted to join the staff at Grass Valley Yoga. Weaving in poetry and mindfulness, she teaches a slow flow yoga class that is both invigorating and relaxing and will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Grace is on the faculty for Mind-Body Zone and Kriya Prenatal Yoga teacher training programs and is joining the faculty at the California College of Ayurveda in January 2017. Her wellness programs and retreats are designed to help individuals and groups enjoy radiant health, happiness, and contentment on a daily basis.

Find out more about Grace's offerings at


Scott Adam

Scott began practicing yoga in 1994 with Bill Atkins in NYC at American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His journey began with Hatha yoga and evolved into a practice of Vinyasa throughout time. Although his practice has taken on many different appearances over the years. One thing has remained consistent, his dedication to the path.

Throughout Scott’s 16 year journey in the competitive snowboard world, as a coach and a competitor, yoga was the main piece of his work developing him self and the riders he trained. Teaching yoga was a natural transition for Scott. Once he shifted his focus from athlete development to a deep spiritual connection, Bahkti and Karma yoga became the most apparent path in his life’s direction. After many years of injuries and healing, once again his practice has transformed to a slower healing style of yoga, which is where his current focus lays.



Scott teaches a wide variety of yoga from vinyasa, hatha, healing, restorative, yoga nidra, meditation, and Acro. His classes are filled with powerful messages, self-inquiry, prayer, relaxation, and live music. Scott’s heart-centered practice focuses on releasing tension in the body to bring peace to the mind, and awaken the spirit.