Sacred Self-Care Circle for Women

Sacred Self-Care Circle for Women

May this be the start of body love, acceptance and complete physical, mental and emotional health.  If you are sick of being at war with your body, emotional eating episodes, and falling on and off of fad-diets and exercise schemes only to feel worse about yourself, this Self-Care Circle is for you.

Join Erin Alexander, yoga therapist specializing in women's body issues and food addiction, as she takes you on a five month journey to health and balance rooted in self-love, tenderness, and deep connection to your body's innate wisdom.

Classes will include spiritual teaching, journaling, and embodied practice such as yoga, meditation, soul journeying, creative work, mindful eating, and more.

About Erin

Erin Alexander, founder of All Souls Yoga, teaches yoga as a spiritual
practice, helping her students to unite with the Divine peace, love,
wisdom, and strength within and around them.  Erin shares wisdom from
her extensive training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy along with the
spiritual tools that saved her from an eating disorder in her 20s.  She
is passionate about helping women to find their inner Light, inherent
worth, and divine purpose.  You can learn more at