New Students Welcome to Grass Valley Yoga!

If you are considering starting a yoga practice and have questions, please reach out to us for a personal consultation.  Allow us to explain the benefits of yoga and how yoga can help in all areas of your life. 

At Grass Valley Yoga we understand how it feels to begin something new. We have all been there before and we are all about creating an uplifting community spirit and enjoying our time together! We invite you to explore all our classes and workshops, get involved and discover the amazing benefits of YOGA. We welcome all ages and fitness level. A large portion of our community are seniors and it is never too late to start yoga.

If you are completely new to the practice of YOGA...wonderful! We hope that you find your home for yoga here with us. 

We have ample parking at our studio. We are easy to locate on the corner of HWY 49 & Alta Sierra. You will find us on the 2nd floor of the quaint white building. Take the stairs and there we are!!

A few tips to help you settle in:

  • Arrive about 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin.
  • We have mats, and all the props you will need. If you have your own...awesome if you want to bring it.
  • Silence your cell phone.
  • Refrain from eating approximately two hours before class (have a light snack if necessary).
  • Tell your instructor about any injuries or physical limitations.
  • Honor yourself and your body- work at your own level.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle, we provide filtered water. Important to stay hydrated!
  • Enjoy yourself!
  • and most importantly...bring your smile:)

→Let today be the start of something new for optimal health!

If you have any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns please know that we are always available to provide support – feel free to contact us at any time as it is our goal to make your experience here as awesome as possible!


We invite you to take advantage of our 


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Check out our schedule and we hope to see you in class soon.