Peace Amidst the Chaos

2-4 pm / FREE

When it comes to mothering mistakes, the thing I feel most crappy about is yelling at my kids. It doesn’t happen often, but it is seriously the worst, most shameful feeling ever. I shift into repair mode fairly quickly, but the damage is done. We can’t undo a yell.

This workshop focuses on prevention. I’ve been studying and practicing the art of mindful connection for the past ten years and will share the three most effective strategies I’ve learned to create the space necessary to make a different choice when the buttons are pushed and all systems are go. These are tools that we can work on everyday that get stronger and more polished with use.

Step out of your busy day and join me in this hands on workshop to learn these strategies and BE with like-minded moms. Share a cup of tea and stories while building compassionate connections that will ripple through future generations.

Oh yeah… did I mention we will provide a babysitting option? We have two amazing volunteers with loving hearts and decades of childcare experience on stand-by to watch your kids while you have an opportunity to relax and unwind at the workshop.

Please email [email protected] IN ADVANCE if you want to reserve a place for your child. (Donation-based)