Invitation to Meditate for World Peace

In his book, “Search Inside Yourself”, Google executive Chade Meng Tan says that in order to create world peace we must first create the conditions of peace within ourselves. I personally have found meditation to be the best medicine for grounding all the flighty, crazy ideas that my mind imagines and creating a peaceful internal environment.

Ayurveda takes a seasonal approach to health and well-being with recommended daily practices that help balance our inner and outer environment. Fall and early winter is the Vata season which is ruled by the elements of air and ether. It is windy, cold and dry. Vata is movement and the opposite of movement is stillness. And so, now is a really good time to establish a sitting practice to invite the stillness and quiet of winter. It’s time to listen.

What better time to establish or re-commit to your meditation practice. It’s easier when we do it together. This group is simply an invitation for accountability. The only requirement to join is committing to at least 5 minutes of meditation daily from now until December 21 – the Winter Solstice. That’s 20 days of meditation at a time when nature and our world supports this calling.

Simply email [email protected] to join. We will be connected through a Facebook page and an app called Habitshare. We will be accountable to ourselves and each other and hold each other with unconditional kindness as we embark on this important mission. The FB page and app are purely optional. You can still participate without the technology.