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Our community studio welcomes yogis of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our instructors come from many different teaching styles, yoga lineages, and backgrounds. They are highly skilled in offering support, encouragement and assistance as you evolve through your yoga practice. The studio was created to provide yoga to OUR community in an inclusive and accessible way. We recognize that we are all different with varied needs and we aim to provide personal care and consideration. We hope that you find GVY your home for yoga.

We offer a variety of classes at GVY which are suitable and specially designed for ALL LEVELS of yoga practitioners.

We invite you to try all our classes and discover the amazing benefits of yoga.

Grass Valley Yoga Classes








Gentle Yoga:  Rebalance and restore with this gentle but steady practice to reset your body and mind. Postures are presented in an easy to follow, accessible manner with plenty of time for modifications. Improve your flexibility, mobility, and balance in a safe way. The class will incorporate time for meditating, relaxing and releasing stress. This class is an excellent choice for beginners, anyone wanting to slow down and especially great for seniors. Read more here.

Yoga-lates: An all- levels class combining Pilates exercises with the breathing techniques and postures of Yoga. There will be a strong emphasis on core strengthening, increasing flexibility, detoxifying, calorie burning, and overall stretching and toning of the body. Be ready to have fun!

Restorative Yoga: This class is structured around deep stretching and relaxing to heal and rejuvenate the body. Gentle movement, breath work, and meditation unite while postures are held with supportive props for ultimate release. This is an ideal class for beginners, seniors, and students returning to their practice after illness or injury. Rest & Restore is the theme of this class!

Hatha Yoga Blend: This is a complete and balanced class; based on Hatha Yoga principles (asana, meditation & pranyama). Class involves a series of physical postures, with a focus on correct alignment, balance, stretching and relaxing. Classes are designed with a goal to help you leave feeling refreshed, stronger, relaxed and balanced. Perfect for all levels; props are often used and variations offered to accommodate students at all levels.

Heart Aligned Flow: Heart Aligned Flow is a practice to guide you into your most powerful alignment, you and your heart. Learn to align the body for optimal postural health and wellness. Get inspired to live from your heart without apology. This all-levels class is for YOU and everyone!

Slow Flow Yoga: Our slow flow yoga class moves at a steady pace connecting breath and physical poses to cultivates a sense of strength and ease. We will practice mindful strengthening postures, soothing stretches to align and balance body, mind & spirit. At the end of the class, you will leave with peace of mind and calmness. Perfect for all levels of the practitioner; ideally with some yoga experience.

DONATION YOGA: Come as you are, pay what you can and leave feeling restored. This is an all-levels traditional yoga class with an emphasis on feeling good in the poses. Leave with a feeling of confidence in your yoga practice. At Grass Valley Yoga, we are proud to offer this class to the community. Absolute beginners are always welcome! Read here about the inspiration behind this class. 

Feel Good Friday Yoga: Embrace the present moment and the joy of your yoga practice. This end of the week class will help you recover from the hustle of the week and prepare for the weekend. The class is designed with an intention to help you leave feeling refreshed, stronger, relaxed, and in connection with your body. Perfect for all levels; variations offered to accommodate students at all levels.

Yoga for Cancer Survivors: This class offers the sweet, simple practice of Restorative Yoga. It includes gentle stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques and tools to help improve your quality of life. Discover a re-connection with the body, mind, and spirit that often becomes unbalanced from illness. Please check with your doctor if you are under medical care. Each class is a suggested donation of $5. This class is generously sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. Please call Janet before attending. (530) 401-0484


GVY Welcomes you!

Our goal at Grass Valley Yoga is to bring yoga to all practitioners of the community. If there is a class you would like to see or have a question, please let us know!!