Grace Kendrick

Changes at Grass Valley Yoga

Grace Kendrick

I am delighted to take ownership of Grass Valley Yoga and committed to keeping it the beautiful, sacred space Whitney has so lovingly created.

The moment I walked through the door at Grass Valley Yoga, I knew it was a special place. The transformative energy and love was palpable in my body. Then I met all of you, and it was like coming home. You are present, welcoming, wise, introspective and committed to the path of inner growth and spiritual alignment.

My vision for GVY is to make it a home that balances your physical, emotional and spiritual health while inspiring connection and greater life purpose. I plan to launch a wellness division to include workshops, programs and retreats that provide opportunities for deeper healing and spiritual fulfillment in an environment that is non-judgmental, flexible and inclusive.

You can expect to receive the same wisdom, inspiration and love from our talented and amazing teachers (including Whitney) and look forward to added community offerings that bring us together for fun, inspiration and play.

I look forward to meeting all of you in person! For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am a seasoned yoga and wellness teacher with over twenty years of experience teaching corporate, academic and public sector audiences, leading individual and family yoga retreats and providing transformational health programs and coaching. The opportunity to lead this wellness community is a dream come true.

My family made the great escape from the Bay Area to Alta Sierra almost two years ago. My husband and I have a crazy, beautiful blended family (if you have kids, you know what I mean). The olders stayed in the Bay Area, and we brought the youngers along (10 and 12 years old). We all dig the nature, adventure and earthiness we find here.

Special Invitation! Please join Whitney and me on June 20th for a Community Blessing and Sacred Ceremony with Shaman Lisa Smith as we honor, celebrate and welcome the expanded light of Summer Solstice into our studio and make this ownership transition with love. It’s free! Email me to reserve your spot. Or you can register directly on MindBody here.

I look forward to the healing, love and spiritual growth we will share.



Grass Valley Yoga Community Blessing