Shaman Ceremony

Grass Valley Yoga Community Blessing Ceremony

Grass Valley Yoga Community Blessing
and Sacred Ceremony
with Shaman Lisa Smith

Wednesday, June 20th 7:00-8:30 pm

Grass Valley Yoga Community Blessing

Please join Whitney and Grace as we enter the wisdom of the heart to create community intention and make a ceremonial offering to energetically align the dynamics of love, right thinking and right action for each one of us personally and as community at Grass Valley Yoga.

This very special event will be led by Shaman Lisa Smith, a modern day Shaman who is grounded in the art of spiritual and shamanic healing. Natures gift to us at Summer Solstice is expanded light.
Grace and I chose this date as spiritually supportive and significant for this transition. We will be holding a very special event on June 20 to honor, celebrate and welcome this light into our own lives.

Schedule of Events for June 20th:

Restorative Yoga Class: 5:30 – 645 p.m. with Grace Kendrick

Studio Blessing and Bridging Ceremony: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

We welcome everyone to join us!

This is a FREE event!

You can sign up here on our online store through MindBody to reserve your spot for the yoga class and/or the Blessing Ceremony.


Dear Grass Valley Yoga community,
Since November, 2015, I have had the pleasure of being the owner of Grass Valley Yoga. I have fulfilled a dream of mine. I have been blessed to practice side by side with amazing yogis and to help people thrive. I love and cherish my time and every experience at GVY. I believe that it is YOU, the students who plant the seeds of love and the positive energy that our studio is blessed with.
Yoga and life is comprised of ebbs and flows. Life, like energy is ever changing and never constant. I am a Nurse and more. I love nursing & I love teaching yoga. Recently I accepted a new nursing position that I am thrilled about.
However, this prompted me to make some really tough decisions about my life…and something had to be let go of.
I sat with this decision, meditated and asked the universe for help. I came to the decision as hard as it was, that I would have to sell the studio. Then, the help I asked for came like an ah-hah moment for me and I knew who would be the new leader of GVY.
Friends, I am thrilled to announce to you the new owner and leader of Grass Valley Yoga, Grace Kendrick.
When Grace first came to GVY, she instantly brought light, strength, and blessings for the community and our students with her beautiful presence and teachings. Grace has so much to offer our community with her amazing skill set as a Yoga Teacher, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, mentor, mother, and wife.
Owning a yoga studio has been a dream of mine and I absolutely love GVY, making this a very hard and emotionally charged decision. As yoga teaches us to both embrace and release, this time I release and let go of the reins of Grass Valley Yoga. I know that this is the best decision to give the community the devoted attention that Grace will be able to provide. I will not be a stranger, I am still going to be teaching classes at the studio. It is simply time to embrace a new lifestyle while incorporating all the things I love.
When I think of Grass Valley Yoga’s community I am touched by the sense of acceptance devotion our community possesses. I am inspired by each and everyone of you. I have worked hard these last 2.5 years to cultivate a place where people can show up, feel empowered, and to practice yoga in a non-judgmental space.
Grace and I have been working together to create a smooth transition and to keep the same peaceful ambiance of the studio. As with any new energy Grace will reflect her own creative soul with ideas and programs for the studio that will both enhance and inspire. She will also bless the space with her love and passion for yoga, Ayurveda, family, and community.
I look forward to this transition with love, with appreciation for Grace for stepping in and excitement for the studio.
with love,