Hello April

April is here!

Hello April
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
April is a month that brings us closer to the earth. With Spring comes so much new life and energy! This time provides us the opportunity to awaken our spirits from the slumber of winter with fresh visions and manifestations. It’s a month that gives us the opportunity to attune ourselves to nature and to explore the deep symbolism between yoga practice and nature – to deeply root our practice and our commitment to live yoga on and off the mat. 
Yoga asanas such as Tree pose, Mountain Pose and Sun Salutations can teach us a great deal about our nature: Mountain posture invites us to deeply connect to the Earth and to remain unperturbed by external events. Mountain pose can help us work toward calmness and equilibrium even during stormy times. Tree pose asks us to be strong but flexible and to extend ourselves upward towards the sky while remaining strongly rooted – a physical and spiritual balancing act. And just like the heat of the sun, the Sun Salutation sequence can warm us up and encourage us to remain grounded on our journey.