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Upcoming Events & Workshops

02 Dec

Invitation to Meditate for World Peace

In his book, “Search Inside Yourself”, Google executive Chade Meng Tan says that in order to create world peace we must first create the conditions of peace within ourselves. I personally have found meditation to be the best medicine for grounding all the flighty, crazy ideas that my mind imagines …

08 Dec

Bend ‘n Bliss Workshop

Enjoy the benefits of both restorative yoga and massage in this serene and magical gift for your body. Enjoy a nourishing massage from head to toe while relaxing in restorative poses. Restorative yoga restores physical and mental balance, reduces stress and anxiety and provides deep, passive stretching. Massage reduces pain …

21 Dec

Winter Solstice Slow-Flow Yoga Workshop

Take time to honor the transition from fall to winter with a guided meditation, slow flow yoga practice and intention setting ritual. Explore breathing practices that encourage inner awareness and take time to journal, reflect and set intentions for the upcoming year. This workshop is open to all levels of …