Ayurveda Spring

Ayurvedic Wisdom for Spring Allergies

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Ah, the beauty of Spring. Blossoming trees, budding plants, green grass and… AAACHOO! Oh yes. Allergies. In Ayurveda, May is a transition month as we move from the lush, wet, beauty of late Spring into the warmer days of early summer. We are still in the Kapha season, ruled by the elements of earth and […]

Yoga toes

Yoga Toes

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I lay on my back in my yoga class, legs sticking straight up in the air. “Rotate your ankles and find every number on the clock,” said the instructor. I automatically sent each ankle rotating in opposite directions, unable to get them to agree, and the clock image dissolved in confusion. “Now flex your feet […]

Yoga and Wellness

Anna Yoga

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You probably do not always think of yoga associated with nutrition specifically. Yoga is the practice of uniting the body, mind, and spirit, and experienced through the physical practice, the awareness of breath, meditation and nutrition. Anna Yoga or the ‘yoga diet’ aims to improve overall health and happiness. The word ‘Anna’ in Ancient Sanskrit […]

Meditation Grass Valley Yoga

Meditation and Mindfulness

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I was in a Medical Center parking garage in Roseville a few years ago. Each of the floors of the parking garage were not designated by a color or number, but by a phrase. And to my great surprise the floor that I parked on was labeled, “Meditation.” That is how pervasive meditation has become […]

Gentle Yoga Class Grass Valley Yoga

Gentle Yoga For Everybody

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Gentle Yoga is a great yoga class for everybody. At Grass Valley Yoga, we provide a non-threatening environment, compassionate and welcoming to all. Whether you are new to yoga, or have been practicing for a while, you will find our Gentle Yoga class will awaken and relax your body and mind. Stretch, relax and leave […]

Donation yoga-grass valley

Donation Yoga

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Grass Valley Yoga is delighted to reach out to the greater community by providing a DONATION YOGA class. This class is held every Saturday morning from 10:30 am-12 pm. Led by certified yoga instructor Laura Prakash.   This class is an all-levels, traditional yoga class, and open to all physical and financial abilities.  Absolute beginners […]