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Anna Yoga

You probably do not always think of yoga associated with nutrition specifically. Yoga is the practice of uniting the body, mind, and spirit, and experienced through the physical practice, the awareness of breath, meditation and nutrition. Anna Yoga or the ‘yoga diet’ aims to improve overall health and happiness. The word ‘Anna’ in Ancient Sanskrit means nourishment. It seems obvious that when looking at nourishing ourselves we look to the types of food and the nutritional content they provide. How does Anna Yoga support this?

The Anna Yoga belief system is based on the premise that only whole foods or foods in their most natural form should be consumed.

This diet looks to bring an awareness or mindfulness approach to eating. If we are being more mindful about the foods we eat and switch our focus on eating the ‘right’ foods, the whole body benefits.

It is a sad fact that many more people struggle with their health and food related conditions. The SAD or standard American Diet is not supporting our whole being. Sometimes making the decision to switch to a healthier diet is the hardest thing of all. So start with the awareness or being mindful about the foods you put in your mouth. Just being present with your food choices is a great choice!

Anna type foods are light in nature and easy to digest. These foods include whole grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes. When considering the yogi diet it is best to stay away from all processed, fried, or stale foods. This is excellent advice for anyone looking to make healthy changes; even cutting out processed foods alone is a great kick-start to a healthier body.

The other support for our bodies from the Anna practice is cleansing. Many people are quite wary of cleanses and often it is simply that there is a lack of understanding and knowledge about the benefits and effects on the body. When taking a cleanse for the first time it is very helpful to receive support. The body can accumulate an amazing amount of toxicity and it is important to be kind to the body when releasing this. Cleansing will help you increase body awareness, rest the digestive system, realign the body, create energy and zest for life.

Let us inspire you to support a new and healthier you. We will take you through some of the yogic cleansing practices. At Grass Valley Yoga we offer seasonal cleanse instruction, nutritional counseling and support.

Our Autumn Cleanse is October 7-9. Launches Sunday October 2nd @ 3 pm with Q & A, technique explanation, material handout. Meet Erin, the driving force behind this healthy inspiration! →info here.

By Erin Fritz: Licensed Nutritionist / Integrative Health Counselor


*Erin is professionally licensed Nutritionist and Integrative Health Counselor.  She has been studying and practicing yoga and nutrition for over 30 years.  What began as a personal health interest has evolved into a life focus to enrich the lives of others through an integrative approach. Erin holds a B.S. degree in Biology /Nutrition and Food Science from Oregon State University.  While living at the Breitnen Bush Yoga retreat, she trained in the style of Anusara yoga and has also completed a 3 year Iyengar Yoga intensive training. She began teaching in 2008.  To further guide and nurture individuals needs Erin has most recently completed studies of Integrative Health from the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil.

Erin teaches a classical style of yoga that focuses on the mind, body and breath alignment.  Her practice is a slow and steady approach to the fundamentals of traditional yoga.    She encourages postures that are softer on the body at a comfortable pace to help improve strength, balance and flexibility.  This is a practice that, with grace an attention, will provide harmony and well –being.