October has Arrived!

“October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again.” –Hal Borland

Change is in the air, and it is happening fast. Leaves have begun changing color and gracefully fallen from the branches that have supported them since Spring. The air is crisper, the sunlight dimmer, rain has fallen. The super blood lunar eclipse, which was also the Harvest Moon, shook things up with its majestic beauty creating strong tides and energy flows. So now is the time to cultivate more balance than ever, to release old energy patterns so that there is new energy available to create new forms.

Your yoga practice is the perfect place to explore these changes. Being present in mind, body and spirit is a great way to create balance on and off the mat. Committing to a regular yoga practice can help release physical and emotional toxins and turn the body into a vessel that can better carry you through the ups and downs of every-day life and the changing seasons.

The Grass Valley Yoga Family invites you to continue to learn and grow with us. Check out our Fall Schedule, new classes and teachers, workshops and special offers. They are all designed to help you step closer to a more authentic version of yourself.

See you on the mat!

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

with Janet Rankin

Friday October 2nd

5-6:30 pm

$15 drop in


Restorative Yoga is where all yoga postures are fully supported with the use of blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps to create a sense of ease, well-being and calmness. Each posture is selected for its ability to quiet the mind and rest the entire body giving you a deep rejuvenating experience. Restorative yoga can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or experience, and can be extremely beneficial: To quiet the mind ~ Deeply relax the body ~ Allow healing to occur ~ To balance the extraordinary stresses of life.
Yoga Nidra is the art of conscious deep relaxation. During the practice, the body is still, but the mind is awake as an active participant in the relaxation process known as “yoga sleep”. In this relaxation, all burdens melt away as you attain a blissful state of awareness much more rejuvenating than ordinary sleep. It is a powerful healing practice for body, mind, and consciousness. It restores the proper flow of energy throughout the body and mind, allowing the systems of the body to function properly.


SPECIAL SESSION OPEN TO ALL GVY YOGIS! During HELEN’S regular Wednesday Hatha Yoga Class

October 7th & 14th 3:30-5:00 pm

Most of us would like to practice at home, but when it comes down to it we just don’t know where to begin!

Come experience a guided practice full of practical tips to help you cultivate and enjoy a well-rounded and easily implemented home practice. Handouts will help students with pose categories to guide the home practice. Students will walk away with sequencing suggestions (including warm-ups, yin/yang poses, “cool downs” etc) so that you can tailor your practice to your needs and the time you have to practice.

Don’t miss these great classes (you can drop in for one or do both) that will help you jump in confidently to a consistent home practice and complement your group practices at GVY!  Regular drop-in or series rates apply.




The Grass Valley Yoga Family would like to welcome our new teachers to the studio! Please check out their full bio’s on our Teacher’s page.


Jasmin was introduced to Yoga at an early age through her curiosity for spiritual books like the Five Tibetans. Yoga has been one of her main priorities in life and has helped her stay afloat through difficult times and through the vast ocean of mothering two little girls. She finished her 200 hour Teacher Training with a tantric focus through Vira Bhava Yoga in August 2015, and is committed to this spiritual path. 

She will be teach Soul Flow Sunday’s at 10:30-12 pm


Originally from Canada, Whitney recently moved to California from Phoenix, AZ. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. She has experience teaching group classes in Hot, flow, yin, and Goddess yoga. She received her 200hr yoga certification in 2011 from Sumits Yoga® in Arizona and Goddess Yoga Lifestyle® training in March 2015. Whitney also is a RN and Energy healer.

She will be teaching Hatha Blend Tuesdays 10:30 – 12 pm

  Maria MARIA HERRERA Maria has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She recently completed the 200-hour Lighting The Path teacher training with Pete Guinosso at Yoga Tree San Francisco. Drawing from strength-based styles of yoga, Maria vows to keep her teachings playful while challenging you to wake up a little more every day so you can fully experience life’s blessings.

She will be teaching Mindful Vinyasa Wednesdays 5:30 – 7 pm  and

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Thursdays 5:30-7 pm [starts 10/8]



Check our full Fall Schedule HERE

Yoga for Cancer Survivors

with Janet moves to Wednesdays, 1-2:30 pm starting Oct. 14th

On Oct. 8th, class will be held at  9:30-11am.

Hatha Yoga

with Helen Breault Fridays, 10:30-noon.




Soul Flow Sunday

IMG_1532A gentle slow flow Hatha Yoga class, ideal for everyone wanting to bring their practice to the mat on a Sunday morning. This is a light and simple class, where you can leave your worries at the door and find yourself refreshed and able to conquer another week of life ahead, in balance and beauty.  

 Sundays 10:30 am -12 pm

Yoga and the Energy Body

energybodyExperience yourself as a radiant being of light! Meditations, traditional poses, breathwork, and visualizations align students with the flow of energy within the body.

In this class, Grass Valley Yoga teacher Laura Prakash will help students build a living experience of their bodies as energy. Students will learn to identify and relieve blockages and create harmony. Topics include proper physical alignment to build body awareness; the chakras and major nadis; prana, poses, and the breath , as well as emotional clearing and grounding meditations.

                                                                      Saturdays 10:30 am – 12 pm

pranaMindful Vinyasa

Come dig up the inner strength that lies within you in this powerful class designed to connect breath and movement in a mindful way, paying attention to proper and safe alignment depending on your body type. Mindful Vinyasa is a way to check in with yourself and build spiritual and physical strength.

Wednesdays 5:30 – 7 pm

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga

hot-stones_categoryThis inward practice uses postures that are supported with props to slow down the mind and cultivate awareness through breath. As the body begins to unwind and let go, hot stones are placed on the body to deepen a sense of presence. Restorative yoga calms the nervous system and brings balance to the body’s systems, stimulating the body’s own natural healing process.

Thursdays 5:30-7pm

Begins Oct. 8th



New Student Special

We want to continue to reach out to new friends and invite you to be part of our family of yogis by signing up for our new student offer. Start something new to strengthen your body, mind and soul.

$20 for 1 Week Unlimited Classes -OR- $50 for 1 Month Unlimited Classes