July is the month of freedom and independence. But what does that mean to you?

This month provides us the opportunity to bring steadiness to our lives and cultivate a deep sense of knowledge about ourselves. This is not always easy. It takes commitment to work hard on letting go of what no longer serves us, to shed our old skin and be reborn into better versions of ourselves. With that comes infinite freedom and independence. Personal freedom is the ultimate expression of who we are. And it comes with great responsibility. We must be conscious and fully responsible for our beliefs and actions if we are ever to be truly free and fulfill our lives’ purpose.

We invite you to cultivate the power to set you free, on the mat and in your personal life. Yoga, after all, is much more than a physical activity. Yoga gives us the tools to break free from the blocks that prevent us from taking ownership of who we are and what we want to accomplish in life. Yoga is a process which mirrors the way in which we engage with life, with our experiences. It teaches us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It offers us a blueprint to help us embark on the path to finding our true selves.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin



The Grass Valley Yoga Family would like all of you to welcome April Graves and Whitney Triplett to the studio! Please check out their full bios on our Teacher’s page.


FullSizeRender(1) APRIL GRAVES

April is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher under the methodology of Shiva Rea and Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. With a strong back ground in dance forms such as Modern, Congolese, West African, 5Rythms, Dance of Liberation, April incorporates a deep seated concentration in Vippassana, Ashtanga and Kripalu Yoga to her classes.

She will be teaching Prana Vinyasa Flow Sundays 10:30 am -12 pm



Originally from Canada, Whitney recently moved to California from Phoenix, AZ. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. She has experience teaching group classes in Hot, flow, yin, and Goddess yoga. She received her 200hr yoga certification in 2011 from Sumits Yoga® in Arizona and Goddess Yoga Lifestyle® training in March 2015. Whitney also is a RN and Energy healer.

She will be teaching Inspired Flow Tuesdays 10:30 – 12 pm





meditateBuild Your Practice

Please join Grass Valley Yoga teacher Lindy Sexton on a journey to build your yoga practice.

In this 6-week series, you will learn the building blocks of basic asanas, or poses, in order to step into your practice or take your practice further. We will explore how to safely move within physical boundaries and challenge ourselves to go further, using three guiding principles: strength, stability, and mobility. We will also look at how breath work can increase our vitality. This class is for those who are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, and is accessible to any age or physicality.

Lindy teaches yoga for wellness and vibrancy, emphasizing exploration of mind and body. She is trained in Classic Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Body Mind Centering®, and dance. She is also an athlete. She holds self-discovery in high regard, both physically and mentally. Taking elements from Iyengar yoga, Ayurveda, and athletic training, Lindy’s yoga classes challenge each student to look at how his or her body moves through asana and breath.

Mondays, August 3 – September 13 (no class on Labor Day) 4 – 5 pm

energybodyYoga and the Energy Body

Experience yourself as a radiant being of light! Meditations, traditional poses, breathwork, and visualizations align students with the flow of energy within the body.

In this class, Grass Valley Yoga teacher Laura Prakash  will help students build a living experience of their bodies as energy. Students will learn to identify and relieve blockages and create harmony. Topics include proper physical alignment to build body awareness; the chakras and major nadis; prana, poses, and the breath , as well as emotional clearing and grounding meditations.

                                                                      Saturdays 10:30 am – 12 pm

flowiInspired Flow

Whitney Triplett, the newest addition to the Grass Valley Yoga family, will lead students through a Flow inspired class deeply interfaced with yoga poses, movement, breathing and relaxation to bring balance to the body, mind & spirit. This class will be provide an opportunity to cultivate physical and emotional healing through the poses and stillness. This is a perfect class for all levels and each class will have a guided intention and embodied theme.

Tuesdays 10:30 – 12 pm

pranaPrana Vinyasa Flow

Prana Vinyasa Flow is a well rounded, creative and rhythmic approach towards embodying the flow of Vinyasa. The ritual of this class, led by April Graves, includes hand mudra, pranayama, movement meditation, kriyas, asanas and often chanting delivered in kramas (stages) that flow in wave sequences, leading us up to a sutra (peak pose) into closing ceremony with a strong emphasis on the movements of prana to access our fluid pranic body for healing and transformation. ​

Sundays 10:30 – 12 pm

yinnidraHatha Fusion

Grass Valley Yoga teachers Devyn Cottrell and Tamara Trudeau will co-teach this dynamic class described as an integration between seasonal balance of doshas and creative yoga sequences. Devyn and Tamara will provide a safe and healing environment in which to explore the mind, body and spirit connection.

Fridays 10:30 – 12 pm


runnersYoga For Runners

The majority of running injuries often come from overuse. As the body matures, it learns to hold itself up and move forward in a variety of ways, most of which benefits our growth. Unfortunately, the body sometimes takes shortcuts, which lead to compensations that hold us back from experiencing our fullest potential. For runners, they can lead to overuse and injury. Whether it comes to recovering or tackling that next hurdle, practicing yoga can benefit any type of runner.

Yoga poses help to stabilize, strengthen, and mobilize various parts of the body. Yogic breath can also help to increase stamina and improve oxygen flow in the body during high stress, such as a long brick. Yoga is also a great way to recover after race day or keep the body fit during an injury.

Join us for an hour and a half information session on how yoga can support and improve your sport. In this session, yoga teacher and athlete Lindy Sexton, will talk in detail about the benefits of yoga. She will lead you through a few key poses and breath exercises, explaining how they can benefit your body as a runner.

Date: August 19, 2015

Time: 6 – 7 pm

Location: Trkac, 101 W McKnight Way, Grass Valley, CA 95949



New Student Special

We want to continue to reach out to new friends and invite you to be part of our family of yogis by signing up for our new student offer. Start something new to strengthen your body, mind and soul.

$20 for 1 Week Unlimited Classes
$50 for 1 Month Unlimited Classes